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Re: Complaint 13749530

To Whom It Would Likely Concern:

Many thanks for providing Quicken Loans the chance to react to Mrs. Townsend’s correspondence that is recent your working environment. At Quicken Loans, we take great pride within our company culture—a culture that is constructed on a collection of core values we call ISMs. One ISM that is such is customer, each and every time, no exceptions, no excuses. ” That specific ISM is manifested in every thing we do payday loan maryland for yous, including within our thorough review and a reaction to all inquiries, dilemmas, and complaints delivered to our attention. We sincerely regret any dissatisfaction Mrs. Townsend knowledgeable about us.

After getting Mrs. Townsend’s problem, she was contacted by me directly. As Mrs. Townsend appreciates, we usually do not concur together with her allegation that Quickens Loans guaranteed the deposit would no be refunded matter just just what. ” Instead, we discovered that our home loan Banker precisely explained our deposit policy to Mrs. Townsend. Moreover, Mrs. Townsend’s wife signed a Deposit Agreement on July 8, 2019, which states to some extent, “If you application is rejected or withdrawn, for just about any explanation, we shall refund your deposit without the real price of your assessment and credit file. ” The Townsend’s house appraised at a lower price than expected, therefore we were not able to shut their loan as a result. In amount, a complete reimbursement is perhaps perhaps not owed to your Townsends for the reasons outlined above.

If you can find extra concerns, please contact the undersigned straight.

Consumer Reaction


I’ve evaluated the reaction produced by the company in mention of the complaint ID ********* and have now determined that this proposed action will never resolve my grievance. For the guide, information on why i will be rejecting this response look below:

He initial woman that we talked to when it comes to my loan ended up being contacting me personally for a recorded line. We ensured to inquire of the agent if some of these details into the loan strive to alter drastically would We be refunded my whole quantity. She reacted that I would personally be refunded regardless of what. It is all unfortunate for a recorded line however the numerous agents that i’ve talked to in relation to simply refund haven’t permitted me personally he initial woman that we spoke to when it comes to my loan ended up being calling me personally on a recorded line. We made certain to inquire about the representative if some of these details within the loan strive to change drastically would We be refunded my whole quantity. She reacted that I would personally be refunded regardless of what. This can be all unfortunate on a recorded line nevertheless the numerous agents that We have talked to in relation to simply refund never have permitted me to pay attention to the phone call or offered me with almost any description. The final representative that we talked with, in my opinion their title ended up being Eric, ended up being extremely rude and degrading. He had been reading off the script and will never i’d like to getting whole phrase away. He had been really rude I inquired to talk with his superior and had been Tell dad he couldn’t promise that I would personally be talking to that I would receive a phone call back and he would be the only person. I happened to be scammed because of the agent that is first lied and stated i’d get the full refund no real matter what. It is on a recorded line. I have been done by them incorrect.

I’m demanding a complete reimbursement from this business whom scammed me personally.

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